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Big Cat Coffees and Perk at Work is proud to partner with the New Hampshire Humane Society for the care and treatment of our local furry creatures. Every year NH Humane Society takes care of over 1500 animals that arrive at the door of this non profit, animal welfare agency. Yearly supplies to keep the animals happy and healthy include:

-17,325lbs of cat litter
-5360 lbs of cat dry food
-1240lbs of kitten dry food
-1520lbs of puppy dry food
-3960lbs of dog dry food
-300lbs of specialty prescription foods
-$31,000 spent on spays and neuters of shelter animals

Animal advocates are invited to help NHHS provide these needed items by making a small donation. This gift can be ear marked for food for felines or canines or to off set costs associated with stemming the tide of over population.

Your gift:
-$20 could potentially help us neuter a male cat or spay a female cat
-$5 could potentially help us purchase needed kitten food, especially Kitten Replacement Formula Milk when needed
-Even $1 could potentially make a difference in the life of an animal.

All donations are tax free for this 501(c)(3) organization. Tax ID# 02-6006374.

On behalf of the animals, you have our sincere thanks!