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David Rio Chai

David Rio Chai

A large variety of chai & tea mixes with diverse flavors in a classic style.

 David Rio - Decaf / Sugar Free Flamingo Vanilla Chai Mix

This David Rio Chai tea mix has the same delectable flavor as the David Rio Chai Elephant Vanilla, without all the sugar! ... view

11.9oz canister - $9.25
12 packets - $13.49
3lb bag - $30.49
David Rio - Decaf Tiger Spice Chai Mix

David Rio’s decaffeinated Tiger Spice Chai is a delicious mixture of spices, honey, and decaffeinated black tea. The exotic spices are the perfect complement to the full, rich flavor of the tea.... view

14oz canister - $9.25
David Rio - Elephant Vanilla Chai Mix

Sweet vanilla enhances this masala chai tea mix to a rich and creamy dimension. ... view

14oz canister - $9.25
12 packets - $13.49
4lb bag - $30.49
David Rio - Power Chai Espresso

Power Chai Espresso is a delicious blend of black teas, organic spices, and espresso.... view

14oz canister - $9.25
David Rio - Power Chai Matcha

David Rio’s (only completely) dairy-free, vegan chai is craft blended with black tea and Japanese matcha.... view

14oz canister - $9.25
David Rio - Sugar Free Orca Spice Chai Mix

We started with our best selling Tiger Spice Chai, and eliminated all the sugar and none of the taste!... view

11.9oz canister - $9.25 Check back soon!
12 packets - $13.49
3lb bag - $30.49 Check back soon!!
David Rio - Tiger Spice Chai Mix

Traditional masala chai flavor of cinnamon, clove, cardamom and ginger with black tea. ... view

14oz canister - $9.25
12 packets - $13.49
4lb bag - $30.49
David Rio - Tortoise Green Tea Chai Mix

This innovative David Rio Chai Tea Mix combines a pleasant hint of green tea with the sweet and savory spices of Chai. ... view

14oz canister - $9.25
12 packets - $13.49
4lb bag - $30.49
David Rio - White Shark Chai Mix

David Rio’s White Shark Chai is the very first of its kind - a white tea chai latte. It combines quality Bai Mudan white tea, organic spices, and a bite of black pepper to complement its bright citrus notes.... view

14oz canister - $9.25 Coming soon!
12 packets - $13.49 Coming soon!
4lb bag - $30.49
David Rio - Commemorative Tin

David Rio Commemorative Tins are a great way to display the David Rio brand in cafes or for use at home. Stylish and airtight they hold a full 4 pound bag of David Rio chai.... view

Tin w/ set of 8 magnets - $14.99
David Rio - Decaf Giraffe Chai Mix

Looking for a good decaffeinated Chai tea mix? Your search ends here. ... view

4lb bag - $30.49
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