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Drink Mixes

Café Escapes - Chai Latte K-Cup Packs

You'll fall in love at first taste. This is no ordinary tea.... view

24 Count - $17.99
96 Count - $71.96 $69.96
5 Count - $7.99
Café Escapes - Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa K-Cup Packs-***ALMOST out of date, STILL tastes great***

Made with real chocolate! A decadent indulgence of rich and sophisticated dark chocolate.... view

24 Count - $17.99 $14.99
5 Count - $7.99
David Rio - Decaf / Sugar Free Flamingo Vanilla Chai Mix

A heavenly blend of their famous David Rio Chai Elephant Vanilla mix, without all the sugar.... view

11.9oz canister - $13.49
3lb bag - $44.74
David Rio - Decaf Tiger Spice Chai Mix

A delicious mixture of spices, honey, and decaffeinated black tea. The exotic spices are the perfect complement to the full, rich flavor of the tea.... view

14oz canister - $13.49
David Rio - Elephant Vanilla Chai Mix

This masala chai tea, enhanced with sweet vanilla, will take you to a rich and creamy dimension. ... view

14oz canister - $13.49
4lb bag - $44.74 Out of stock
David Rio - Power Chai Espresso

Inspired by the popular ‘Dirty Chai’ drink made in cafés by adding a shot of espresso to a cup of chai.... view

14oz canister - $13.49
David Rio - Power Chai Matcha

This dairy-free, vegan chai is blended with black tea and Japanese matcha.... view

14oz canister - $13.49
David Rio - Sugar Free Orca Spice Chai Mix

A rich and creamy mixture of black tea and premium spices, this is David Rio's original sugar-free chai mix.... view

11.9oz canister - $13.49
3lb bag - $44.74
David Rio - Tiger Spice Chai Mix

Award winning Tiger Spice Chai Mix of traditional masala chai black tea flavors: cinnamon, cardamom, and clove. ... view

14oz canister - $13.49
4lb bag - $44.74
David Rio - Tortoise Green Tea Chai Mix

This green tea chai is carefully blended with a balance of the sharp taste of premium spices (cinnamon and cardamom) and the true flavor of green tea... view

14oz canister - $13.49
Dunkin Donuts - Hot Cocoa K-Cup Packs-***OUT OF DATE, STILL TASTES GREAT***

Warm, chocolatey, and creamy - fresh from your kitchen.... view

22 Count - $17.99 $13.99
5 Count - $7.99 $5.99
Martinson - Hot Chocolate

The ultimate tasting powdered hot cocoa, specially designed for hot powdered drink machine use. ... view

32oz bag - $10.50
Mott's - Hot Apple Cider K-Cup Packs

The taste of fresh-picked apple goodness squeezed into convenient K-Cup® packs.... view

24 Count - $17.99
96 Count - $71.96 $69.96
5 Count - $7.99
Nestle - Rich Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix

With over 100 years of making chocolatey memories, the chocolate experts at Nestlé bring you a rich, creamy, chocolatey mug of hot cocoa with every packet. This season, create warm connections and memories with loved ones by enjoying a delicious hot cocoa treat anywhere, anytime.... view

50 packets - $17.95
Swiss Miss - Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa K-Cup Packs

Real dried dairy milk blended with premium imported cocoa.... view

22 Count - $17.99
88 Count - $71.96 $69.96
5 Count - $7.99
Swiss Miss - Hot Chocolate Packets

Warm up with Swiss Miss any time. ... view

50 packets - $17.89
Swiss Miss - No Sugar Added Hot Chocolate Packets

Single serve no sugar added hot chocolate packets. ... view

24 packets - $16.99
The Original Donut Shop® - Red Velvet Latte Coffee K-Cup® Pods

SEASONAL / LIMITED EDITION. Notes of cream cheese frosting with a touch of cocoa... view

20 Count - $21.99 Seasonal - Out of Stock
80 Count - $87.96 $85.96 Seasonal - Out of Stock
5 Count - $9.99 Seasonal - Out of Stock
The Original Donut Shop® -  Mocha Latte K-Cup® Pods

A mouthwatering mocha masterpiece in your mug. Super smooth, crave-ably creamy, and full of rich, chocolaty flavor. Crave-able, roasty and toasty.... view

20 Count - $17.99
80 Count - $71.96 $69.96
5 Count - $8.99
The Original Donut Shop® - Vanilla Latte K-Cup® Pods

Delightfully satisfying, sweet vanilla flavor in every sip.... view

22 Count - $17.99
88 Count - $71.96 $69.96
5 Count - $8.99
Blue Cat Specials  


"Yes, there are other places to order, but no better service and with quick turnaround and shipping. I might not live in New Hampshire, but I feel like I'm supporting a local business. Love the Smarties and samples too! "

"I left a review back in 2017, but this company deserves an updated one. They have remained consistent through all of these years in their product quality, service, and delivery. I am always amazed at how quickly I receive my coffee. This week I placed an order Monday morning, and it arrived Tuesday afternoon. They take the time to add in a card, candy, and sample kkups with all of my orders. I will forever be a customer and recommend Big Cat to everyone I know."

"I have been a BC customer for several years and they have never made an error in my order. They also quickly fixed an error I made. Thank you also for the birthday discount. Much appreciated."

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