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Starbucks® K-Cups

Starbucks® K-Cups

Starbucks® sources only the highest-quality arabica beans and roasts them to their exacting standards - perfected through 40 years of roasting experience. Starbucks K-Cup® packs make the perfect cup for every coffee lover.

Starbucks® - Breakfast Blend K-Cups

K-CUP® COFFEE. Starbucks Breakfast Blend is a lighter-bodied medium roast coffee that offers bright citrus notes. This milder Starbucks offering is perfectly suited for your morning cup! ... view

24 K-Cups - $18.95
4 @ $18.45 per 24 K-Cups - $75.80 $73.80
Starbucks® - French Roast K-Cups

K-CUP® COFFEE. French Roast is Starbucks darkest and boldest offering. A blend of high quality beans from Central America, Africa, and Asia are used to produce this intense, full-bodied coffee.... view

24 K-Cups - $18.95
4 @ $18.45 per 24 K-Cups - $75.80 $73.80
Starbucks® - Caffé Verona  K-Cups

K-CUP® COFFEE. A passion for all things Italian—including good food and great coffee—inspired this full-bodied blend of Latin American and Asia/Pacific coffees, with Starbucks’ Italian Roast added for depth. ... view

24 K-Cups - $18.95
4 @ $18.45 per 24 K-Cups - $75.80 $73.80
Starbucks® - Pike Place® Roast K-Cups

K-CUP® COFFEE. Reflecting on the heritage that inspired us, came this amazing blend with soft acidity, smooth body and subtle flavors of cocoa and toasted nuts.... view

24 K-Cups - $18.95
4 @ $18.45 per 24 K-Cups - $75.80 $73.80
Starbucks® - Veranda Blend K-Cups

K-CUP® COFFEE. Flavorful without being overly bold, this coffee brews a delightfully gracious cup that's perfect for welcoming friends or greeting a new day. ... view

24 K-Cups - $18.95
4 @ $18.45 per 24 K-Cups - $75.80 $73.80
Starbucks® - Decaf Pike Place® Roast K-Cups

K-CUP® COFFEE. A medium-roasted decaffeinated coffee with rich flavor, good balance and a smooth finish.... view

24 K-Cups - $18.95 Check back soon!
4 @ $18.45 per 24 K-Cups - $75.80 $73.80 Check back soon!
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"I have been ordering from Big Cat Coffees for a while now. Always a pleasure. Fast delivery and good prices. I will continue ordering from them in the future."

"Hi. My husband and I LOVE Big Cat Coffee! We have been ordering for several years and it's easy, you have good prices and we have fun doing it. Your service is fantastic! We are not "cat" people except for Big Cat Coffee! Thank you for having such a great business!"

"We just got our first shipment and we are very pleased with the service! It arrived quickly and the small touches (we had Smarties in our box and an extra Folgers K-Cup sample we hadn't ordered) make for great customer service! We just got our first Keurig and we were looking for a website to order some samples. We were not disappointed! We will definitely be ordering from you guys in the future! Keep up the good work!"

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